Kristina Savickiene

Robotic Folk (Jonas Jurkunas)

: So let’s talk.

: About what?

: About our past.

: Do you remember any of it?

: Perhaps. I think we lived in a big house with an orchard. Monstrously big apple trees and hundreds of colourful birds chirping around.

: Sorry, I just can’t imagine that.

: Ok, let’s give it another try. It was a grey apartment building next to a railtrack and a meat processing plant.

: Yes, and the trains were rumbling past, on and on, day and night.

: We used to count the wagons and in the winter throw snowballs at them.

: They were our secret enemies and had to be killed.

: Because they were taking animals to a fenced slaughterhouse.

: We heard the sounds, horses neighing, cows mooing, pigs squeaking, all in anxiety awaiting death.

: I can’t remember hearing that.

: Wait, I think I just heard them once again.

: Are we in a dream?

: Possibly.

: But if we are dreaming, we might as well dream of future.

: And what’s in it?

: Life as it was before.

: You know it’s not possible. The only lasting thing is change.

: So what shall we dream about?

: Persistency. Passion. And most importantly - positive obsession for the change of humanity.

: Like “I am positively obsessed, therefore I am”?

: Exactly.

: Oh. I simply want to feast my eyes on the sight of clouds floating by.

Kristina Savickiene

Theatre maker


Photo credit: Kristina Aleksynaite