“Meet the Artist - Online Edition” is a series of online meetings with international artists involved in diverse aspects of the wider spectrum of documentary theatre. It aims to introduce the unique approach of each artist, communicate their work across borders, and highlight the local sociocultural context of theatre making, as well as its future in view of the current challenging circumstances.

Our focus will be on artists beyond Europe, in an effort to create a bridge of understanding and creative exchange with critical, contemporary dramaturgies that are less familiar or represented in the western context. Invited artists will share their methodologies, aesthetic approaches, as well as their topics of investigation and challenges, and engage in a live discussion with attending guests via the zoom platform. In order for the audience to get familiar with the work of each artist, a link to one or more documented, surtitled performances will be made available before each meeting for a limited time.

“Meet the Artist - Online Edition” was conceived as a bridging initiative between theatre makers, practitioners and audiences in the face of the global Covid-19 crisis. It carries a long-term approach that aims to move beyond the virtual, by enhancing transcultural collaborations in the physical world through the implementation of workshops, lectures, works-in-progress and other educational / networking activities.

“Meet the Artist - Online Edition” is an initiative of the International Network of Documentary Theatre (INDT), a growing network that aims to strengthen the position of contemporary documentary theatre in the international scene by bringing together the community of artists, researchers and audiences, to exchange, experiment and reflect on its boundaries, ethics and tools, while encouraging the development of contemporary, sociopolitically engaged dramaturgies.

“Meet the Artist - Online Edition” kicks off on September 21, in the aftermath of INDT's MEETING EVENT 2020 (11-13 September 2020, Athens). The meetings will be held on the first and third Monday of each month. The first artists to participate are Omar Abi Azar (Zoukak Theatre Company) from Lebanon, Yesim Ozsoy (Galata Perform) from Turkey, and Diego Aramburo (Kiknteatr) from Bolivia.